2014 Call for Proposals for International Collaborations in Nuclear Theory

Nuclear physics has an exciting future, highlighted in the low energy domain by the construction of several radioactive ion beam facilities, such as the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory (RIBF) in Japan, the Facility for Rare Ion Beams (FRIB) in the USA, the Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Germany, the SPIRAL2 Facility in France and the TRIUMF Laboratory in Canada. For a strong coupling of experiment and theory, RIKEN+CNS, NSCL/FRIB and GSI/FAIR want to serve the theory community, fostering activity that is beneficial to the respective experimental programs. It is in this context that in 2012 we started the program on International Collaborations in Nuclear Theory in connection to rare isotopes (ICNT).




Applications for topical programs and/or sabbatical visits for 2014-2015 should be submitted to the Chair of the ICNT Board by 30th November 2013 (email to brown@nscl.msu.edu).


The proposal for topical programs should not exceed 3 pages and should contain a description of the scientific project, covering the scientific motivation, the relevance for the hosting laboratory, as well as the deliverables. It should also include the name and affiliations of critical experts that need to be present for the effort to be successful and their demonstrated interest in participating.


Application for sabbatical visits should include a CV of the applicant and a short narrative (up to 2 pages) describing the proposed work and its connection to the hosting laboratory as well as to a proposed topical program (if applicable).


Alex Brown (Chair, NSCL/FRIB)

Hans Feldmeier (GSI)

Bill Lynch (NSCL/FRIB)

Taka Otsuka (U Tokyo)

Marek Ploszajczak (GANIL)

Hiroyoshi Sakurai (RIKEN)

Christoph Scheidenberger (GSI)