FRIB tours


If you are curious about what happens in a rare isotope facility and why, there is no better way to discover more than by touring. The National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory offers tours by appointment for interested groups. FRIB will be operational in 2022. Until that time, those interested in rare-isotope research can take a tour of NSCL, which includes information about FRIB.

Full tours generally include demonstrations, an introduction to the goals and methods of nuclear science, and a walk-through of vaults where nuclei are accelerated, filtered and/or studied. Visit the NSCL website to view unfilled tour times and apply online. 

Open houses

Every few years, FRIB and NSCL open doors to the community to show what nuclear science is and how our work helps solve some of the greatest mysteries in the universe. These events are an unprecedented look behind the scenes at nuclear research. Open houses are free and open to all ages, no appointment necessary. When the next one is scheduled, it will appear here!

FRIB open house set for 20 August

The public is invited to get behind the scenes at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams during an open house scheduled for 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, 20 August. At the "Rare Access” event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about FRIB and view FRIB construction progress. The open house is free and open to all ages, and no appointment is necessary to participate. Learn more about this open house.

What you can do at the open house:

  • Tour the lab to get a look at our ground-breaking superconducting cyclotrons, cutting-edge experimental detectors, and plans for the next-generation heavy ion accelerator.
  • Sit back and enjoy some educational movies and science rap videos in the FRIB/NSCL Theater.
  • Talk with nuclear scientists about their work on the frontiers of rare-isotope research.
  • Get a personal demonstration of superconductivity, radioactivity, cosmic rays and more.


Contact the NSCL Outreach Coordinator at