2019 USPAS Prize Winners for Achievement in Accelerator Science and Technology

Frank Zimmerman

Frank Zimmermann
For outstanding scientific leadership in the accelerator design and beam physics of hadron colliders and dedicated editorship of professional accelerator journals.

Cameron Geddes

Cameron Geddes
For pioneering experiments on laser guiding, electron trapping, and high-quality beam production in laser-plasma accelerators.

2019 APS Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Beam Physics Award

Giada Contono

Giada Cantono
For pioneering work on surface-plasmon enhanced radiation sources in ultrashort laser-grating interaction at relativistically strong intensities, which led to the demonstration of a source of beamed, quasi-collinear high charge multi-MeV electron bunches and attosecond XUV photo bursts.

2019 IEEE/NPSS Awards

John R. cary

John R. Cary
John R. Cary is a recipient of the 2019 IEEE/NPSS-PAST Award, “For exceptional contributions to accelerator and beam physics.”

David Cesar

David Cesar
The 2019 PAST doctoral student award goes to David Cesar for contributions to dielectric laser accelerators and time-resolved electron microscopy. 

Paolo Craivich

Paolo Craievich
During his entire career Paolo has provided important contributions to accelerator science and technology of electron linacs, in particular RF transverse deflection structures, beam manipulation with self-induced fields and high-brightness photoinjector and their application to advanced accelerators and light sources. Furthermore, he gave pioneering contributions to the applications of the passive streaking and linearization with self-induced fields.


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