Women and minorities in the physical sciences

Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences (WaMPS) is a graduate student organization at Michigan State University (MSU) that strives to promote diversity in the physical sciences by encouraging women and minorities to pursue the field, as well as working to create an inviting and supportive community if you are already part of the physical sciences. WaMPS aims to include students from all backgrounds, so our group is comprised of a variety of students in the physics department (and some nuclear chemists).

Mentoring program

WaMPS holds a variety of events each semester. We meet monthly to discuss articles or hold workshops about different topics relevant to women and minorities in the field. WaMPS has also taken field trips to museums or to see relevant movies, such as Hidden Figures, and ‘The Theory of Everything’. We host games nights and barbecues. WaMPS strives to create a program which fosters collaboration and professional growth in a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. We offer a variety of mentoring events and programs for students in different stages of your education and professional development.


WaMPS also has a strong outreach program at MSU and within the greater Lansing area. The Outreach Program has put together a series of interactive demonstrations to teach about various topics, including electricity and magnetism and states of matter. These are presented at various outreach events (Impression 5 Science Center, MSU Girl Scout Day STEM Day, and many more) to share our excitement about science with younger generations.

Science and Learning at Michigan State (SL@MS)

This is a summer science experience for local middle-school students. During the SL@MS program, students practice science skills in a personalized and student-driven environment through experimentation, competition, and demonstration. Throughout the camp, students also gain knowledge about waves and their applications in lasers, radios, sound, and more! Find us on Facebook or email us at wamps@msu.edu.