Layers of Reality by Olga Pechenova (GSI), in collaboration with Elena Litvinova (WMU)

Exhibit details

“Layers of Reality” is a gallery of photographs on acrylic glass by Olga Pechenova (GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung, Darmstadt, Germany). The collection was composed in collaboration with Elena Litvinova (Western Michigan University) and sponsored by Litvinova’s National Science Foundation Early Career grant. Two of the artworks are co-authored with Oleksiy Dolinskyy (GSI, painting). The presented composition shows metaphorical connections between different aspects of reality perceived through the concepts of modern physics. It aims at providing a deeper understanding of the world around us by exposing surprising and surreal aspects of colors and shapes, metaphors and symbols, nature and human beings. The unique combination of scientific knowledge and intuition with the author’s artistic vision reveals angles and layers of comprehension of deeply related metaphysical categories, such as space and time, symmetries and scales, matter and geometry, universe and multiverse.

The exhibition was part of the FRIB and NSCL Open House on 18 August 2018, and was on display in the exhibition space adjacent to 1300 FRIB Laboratory.