FRIB In the News

Michigan State plans $35 million in additional technology, new building for FRIB

, Lansing State Journal

MSU is planning to invest an additional $35 million in FRIB to maximize the facility's potential as a world-leading research facility. MSU's board approved the start of planning for a project that would add a new building. The project would also include the addition of a high-rigidity spectrometer.

An earthly search for gold's cosmic origins

, Science

Astronomers wowed the world when they announced that they had seen two neutron stars merge, apparently creating heavy elements such as gold and platinum and spewing them into space. Nuclear physicists at MSU also cheered the find.

MSU's FRIB Project reaching a milestone

, Michigan Radio

Michigan State University’s yet-to-be completed massive physics research facility is about to achieve an important milestone. In the next three to four weeks, MSU’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, also known as FRIB, will accelerate its first particles.