Jie Wei excited about leading accelerator systems division

Dr. Jie Wei joined the FRIB Project as Accelerator Systems Division Director in late August, and has some good impressions about his first couple months on the job.

"It has been busy, and it has been fun!" said Jie. "In many aspects, coming to FRIB today reminds me of the time when I joined SNS project in 1997: the project is highly visible, the task is tremendously challenging, and the hard work is greatly rewarding. In comparison, FRIB is in much better shape in terms of both team build-up and technology development. I am looking forward to many years of excitement, accomplishment, and friendship with the entire NSCL team and the FRIB Project."

As Accelerator Systems Division Director, Jie directs the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of all aspects of FRIB accelerator systems safely and within the approved budget and schedule. FRIB accelerator systems include ion sources, front end, linear accelerator, beam switch yard, and the cryogenic plant. Jie is also the line manager for NSCL and FRIB accelerator system technical staff.

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