FRIB hosts meetings for experts for target, beam dump

Representatives from the FRIB Project met with experts from the University of Michigan, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, GSI (Germany), GANIL (France), and RIKEN (Japan) on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 1-2, to discuss design optimization of systems that will interact with the heavy ion beams from FRIB, mainly the production target and the beam dumps. After presentations summarizing the FRIB design status, the participants discussed possible design optimizations, and collaborations on experiments.  

The group also met Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning to discuss the FRIB high power production target R&D program, including experimental results obtained with the single-slice (i.e. one graphite disk as a target) 20 kW test device, and the options for the multi-slice 50 kW prototype. The feedback from peer subject matter experts is an essential step in FRIB's design approach of this one-of-a-kind facility.