Fragment separator optics design and diagnostics approach on track

A peer review conducted July 5-6 found the FRIB fragment separator optics design and diagnostic approach on track for Critical Decision 2 (approve performance baseline) and 3A (approve start of civil construction) in spring 2012.

The review committee included Toshiyuki Kubo, Laboratory Head at RIKEN (Japan), Helmut Weick from GSI (Germany), and Andreas Stolz, NSCL Operations Department Head. They affirmed that:

  • The ion optical layout of the FRIB fragment separator supports the performance baseline of FRIB and provides flexibility in maximizing science reach
  • The present status and progress of the ion optical design and diagnostics specification allow mechanical design and engineering to proceed as required to support CD-2 in spring 2012
  • The primary beam on target requirements sufficiently support the performance baseline of FRIB
  • The beam optics and diagnostics concept support efficient facility operation and machine protection

The Experimental Systems Division will continue preliminary design and value engineering efforts, and remains on track for a CD-2/3A review in spring 2012.