Experimental Systems Division on track to support CD-2/3A and start of construction

The Experimental Systems Advisory Committee (ESAC) met 14-16 December to evaluate progress and readiness of the FRIB Experimental Systems Division.

The committee found the Division ready to support a successful CD-2/3A review in April 2012. They found the technical scope sufficiently defined and the preliminary technical design sufficiently integrated to support the start of conventional construction in May 2012. Acquisition strategy and cost for large-cost subsystems were also examined and deemed credible.

ESAC is chaired by Jay Marx (California Institute of Technology). Committee members include Guenter Bauer (ESS Project Leader for Target Systems, retired), James Beene (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Jens Dilling (TRIUMF, Canada), Toshiyuki Kubo (RIKEN, Japan), I-Yang Lee (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Jerry Nolen (Argonne National Laboratory), and Michael Rowe (NIST Center for Neutron Research, retired).