Independent review finds FRIB ready to baseline

The Independent CD-2/3A Readiness and Cost Assessment Review, charged by MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, was conducted last week at the Henry Center on the MSU campus. The review committee found that the FRIB Project is ready to proceed to CD-2/3A, the project management systems and procedures are in place, strong management and technical teams are in place, the design is at or beyond the required maturity, and that the project is ready to commence construction of the conventional facilities.

The additional day in this review compared to the schedule for the upcoming Lehman review allowed the reviewers to look at the integrated design and proposed baseline in detail and to make many constructive comments and recommendations. The committee also advised us on ways the presentations could be more focused and better coordinated for the Lehman review. This advice is being implemented as we prepare materials for the April 24-26 Lehman Review.

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC), charged by FRIB Laboratory Director Konrad Gelbke, also met during this review to ensure that the baseline project plan is appropriate to deliver on the FRIB scientific goals and is in line with the user community requirements.