ASAC review completed 1-3 December

The 12th meeting of the Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee took place 1-3 December. The focus of the review was to assess the Accelerator Systems Division’s (ASD) transition from design to production, gauge performance on procurements, and witness completion of the first production cryomodule. In addition, ASAC assessed FRIB’s plans for installation and commissioning of the front end, as well as plans toward operation.

ASAC responded to all charge questions affirmatively.

ASAC indicated that the highlight of the review was the completion of the first FRIB cryomodule. At the last ASAC in June, FRIB had just completed the ReA6 prototype. In summer, it seemed an insurmountable task to finish FRIB-1 by December. But with increased organization and diligent tracking, the challenge drove the team to complete it in time. In addition, the time it took to build it, albeit the first, is in line with FRIB production goals. ASAC recognized and commended ASD on this accomplishment.