Civil construction approaches beneficial occupancy

Civil construction on the FRIB Project continues to advance ahead of schedule and is quickly approaching beneficial occupancy in March 2017. 

Raised-access flooring in the surface building is now complete, and electrical panels are being mounted on the south equipment racks. Piping is being installed to storage tanks in the chemical treatment room. In the compressor room and the cold box room, warm-side piping installation is ongoing. Ductwork is being installed for the lower second floor mechanical room, and roofing continues on the west side of the building.

The turnover of the front-end area occurred in December, when all conventional utilities became operational.

While technical installations will escalate once beneficial occupancy is reached, several technical installations are already complete or underway. Advance civil construction has enabled FRIB to carry the schedule float and proceed with technical installations ahead of the baseline schedule. Recent installations include: