ESAC review completed 31 October-2 November

The Experimental Systems Advisory Committee (ESAC) held a review of FRIB experimental systems 31 October to 2 November. The special focus of this review was on magnets, but other areas of the experimental systems technical progress were also reviewed.

ESAC evaluated experimental-system requirements for technical construction to determine if they are optimized to achieve mission and support reliable operations; to make certain a plan is in place to successfully deliver technical scope; to see if skilled staff and appropriate means and methods are planned or in place; and to make sure technical and safety issues are being managed. All charge questions were answered in the affirmative.

ESAC supported the integrated schedule the Experimental Systems Division (ESD) presented and found that much was accomplished in the past six months. ESAC determined the stage is set and the tools are available such that continued effort can result in ESD continuing to meet future goals.