FRIB Theory Alliance inaugural meeting held 31 March to 1 April

A meeting marking the creation of the FRIB Theory Alliance (FRIB-TA) was held on 31 March and 1 April at Michigan State University. Approximately 100 participants attended, with many FRIB-TA members present and others observing by videocast. A list of participants is posted on the FRIB-TA website.

MSU and FRIB scientific management started the day by welcoming attendees, followed by support from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and National Science Foundation (NSF) representatives, and presentations from past and present FRIB Theory Fellows, illustrating their achievements and potential. After a view of the FRIB-TA from the experimental side, an overview summary of the FRIB-TA goals and initiatives led into a general open discussion. The FRIB-TA Charter was ratified by those present (plus some electronic votes from those unable to attend). Important feedback has been received on the bridge faculty program, the theory fellow program, outreach to other scientific communities, and other initiatives.

The second day was devoted to a series of talks covering the full depth and breadth of FRIB-related science. These presentations particularly highlighted the young researchers in the Theory Alliance and the many possibilities for synergies between different theory efforts and with the FRIB experimental program. Slides for the talks are available online.