Science Advisory Committee met at FRIB 8-9 December

The FRIB Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) met on 8-9 December at Michigan State University. The SAC reviewed the laboratory plans for realizing a successful Day-one FRIB scientific program.

The SAC provides external advice to the FRIB Laboratory director. Included in their charge was a request to review the current state of preparation of the FRIB User Organization’s (FRIBUO) equipment working groups and the FRIB Theory Alliance, and comment on any actions the laboratory could take to assist in their efforts. The FRIBUO Executive Committee Chair, Heather Crawford, presented the status of the equipment working groups, and the SAC also heard presentations on the status of the High Rigidity Spectrograph, an instrument being developed to make optimum use of the fast rare isotope beams that will be available at FRIB.