ASAC review completed 2-4 October

The Accelerator Systems Advisory Committee (ASAC) held its eighteenth meeting 2-4 October.

ASAC focused on the progress of FRIB’s Accelerator Systems Division (ASD) in the last six months. Progress included:

  • effort toward delivery of the baseline,
  • technical design verification,
  • technical procurement progress,
  • installation and commissioning planning,
  • and operational planning.

The committee answered all charge questions affirmatively, and recognized several achieved goals, including:

  • keeping a completion rate of more than one cryomodule per month,
  • liquid-helium production by the FRIB cryoplant,
  • continuous circulation of liquid lithium and establishment of lithium film in the charge stripper,
  • and demonstration of the machine-protection system.

The committee also supported the advancement of liquid-lithium beam commissioning.