FRIB uses remote-handling equipment to install first superconducting warm-ion quadrupole magnet

In November 2018, FRIB installed the first of five unique superconducting warm-iron quadrupole magnets. This milestone was reached following magnet design, construction, assembly, and testing.

Warm-iron quadrupole magnets have magnetic coils cooled to 4 kelvin (K) placed between two halves of a warm-iron yoke casing. The magnets’ quadrupole coils focus the beam of rare isotopes as they pass through the fragment separator. It is critical to align the warm-iron quadrupole magnet to the beamline. This sustains the beam quality needed to use the rare isotopes for science discovery. The magnets must be placed within 0.3 millimeters of their desired location. A mounting cradle aligns the magnet to meet this requirement.