DOE-SC Office of Project Assessment holds FRIB review 11-13 May

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (DOE-SC) Office of Project Assessment (OPA) held its independent project review of FRIB via remote participation 11-13 May. The main focus of the review was to assess overall FRIB Project progress since the last review in November 2020, with a focus on technical progress.

The review committee was organized into six subcommittees, and FRIB staff gave 31 presentations. The committee answered all six charge questions affirmatively. Committee members complimented FRIB staff on their accomplishments, stating it was indicative of the dedication of the team. They said the project continues with great success, which was a tribute to the project team. They also said the project proves that a major research university can partner with a federal agency to do things bigger and more complex than previously thought.

The OPA assessed all aspects of the FRIB Project—technical, cost, schedule, management, and environmental safety and health—and found that FRIB is making appropriate progress toward completion.