FRIB completes magnet installation in fragment preseparator

In August, FRIB completed installing all of its magnets in the fragment preseparator. The fragment preseparator is the initial filter to purify the desired rare-isotope beam from unwanted beam particles.

The fragment preseparator includes:

  • Four large superconducting dipole (SCD) magnets (two 120-ton and two 180-ton SCD magnets) that alter the direction of the fast-moving beam and separate the isotopes to be studied. Watch the video to see FRIB workers installing superconducting dipole magnet 4 (SCD4) in April.
  • Three cold-iron quadrupole triplet (CIQT) magnets that focus and control the beam as it travels through the fragment preseparator. Watch the video to see FRIB workers installing cold-iron quadrupole triplet magnet 2 (CIQT2) in April.