Booking and logistics

Requesting Beam

Users will submit a test plan that indicate the parameters and sequence of beam delivery. Plan submission is part of the user intake and scheduling process. The plan will be reviewed and approved prior to the test team’s arrival. Required beam parameters to indicate on the test plan are:

  1. Beam species
  2. Normal incidence LET (in MeV/(cm2/mg)) or ion energy
  3. Minimum and maximum flux required
  4. Maximum required angle
  5. Exposure duration in minutes

The FRIB operations staff will create a run profile to efficiently support the experimental plan. A specific beam cocktail will be loaded, however users may request changes of certain parameters during operations, for example flux.

Changes to the beam parameters may be made per user request and/or following the approved test plan. Below are current time estimates for parameter changes.

Beam parameter change

Time to change and validate

Ion source element load

6 hrs. for gas species, >24 hrs. for solid

Beam species (within current cocktail)

4 hrs.

Beam energy (same ion species)

40 min.

Beam flux (same energy)

15 min (up to 30 min for flux<1e4)

To start the beam request process, contact the FRIB Manager for User Relations.