Booking and logistics

Requesting Beam

In order to expedite your beam time request, each customer is required to complete these steps:

1. Refer to the table of available testing dates below.

2. Fill out the FSEE Intake Request Form (PDF).

3. Once your beam time is approved, the Manager for User Relations will send a Proprietary User Agreement for completion. Please note: if additional people will be joining the test and are not employees of the company listed on the Intake Request form, the following is required:

3.a. A Proprietary User Agreement is needed from the company of the additional individuals OR

3.b. An official letter is needed from management at the company listed on the Intake Request form that states the following: “[Person’s full name] is acting as a Participant of [Company listed on Intake Request Form] per the Proprietary User Agreement for the purpose of performing the experiment(s) accepted and approved for performance at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB).”

After the beam time is approved, users will work with the Manager for User Relations to create a test plan that indicates the parameters and sequence of beam delivery.

The FRIB operations staff will create a run profile to efficiently support the experimental plan. Approximately a week before the user’s arrival, the Manager for User Relations will schedule a meeting between the testing team and FRIB operations staff to discuss the beam plan. During the run, a specific beam cocktail will be loaded. However, users may request changes of certain parameters during operations (for example: flux).

Changes to the beam parameters may be made per user request and/or following the approved test plan. Below are current time estimates for parameter changes.

Beam parameter change

Time to change and validate

Ion source element load

6 hours for gas species, >24 hours for solid

Beam species (within current cocktail)

4 hours

Beam energy (same ion species)

40 minutes

Beam flux (same energy)

15 minutes (up to 30 minutes for flux<1e4)

To start the beam request process, contact the FRIB Manager for User Relations.

Available testing dates

The FRIB FSEE facility runs 16-hour shifts from 8 a.m. to midnight on each day given below. Upon agreement between the FSEE user group and FRIB operations staff, 24-hour shifts may be available.

Available dates

Italicized text indicates dates in the past

2023 December 10-17

2023 November 11-16

2023 October 17-23

2023 July 31 - August 12

2023 July 2-7

2023 June 17-22

2023 May 18-23

2023 April 24-29

2023 March 22-27

2023 February 20-25

2023 January 12-18

2022 December 2-5

2022 November 4–8

2022 September 17-25

2022 September 6-9

2022 August 29-September 2

2022 August 22-26