Contacts for scientific users

The FRIB Laboratory strives to provide excellent support for every aspect of a scientific user's experiment — prior to, during, and following the work at the facility. The first point of contact for scientific users is the Manager for User Relations, Jill Berryman. Most questions from scientific users should be directed to her. For those who are already at the laboratory, and have an urgent question, the following contacts may also be useful.

Manager for User Relations    

Jill Berryman

Senior ESH Manager and
Radiation Safety Officer

Petra Grivins

Safety Office

(517) 908-7123

Fragment separator

Marc Hausmann

Fast Beam Physicist

Marc Hausmann

ReA3 and ReA6

Antonio Villari

Scientific software

Giordano Cerizza

IT support

Control room

(517) 908-7305

Data U

(517) 908-711x
[where x is the Data U
number 1, 2, 3, etc. ]


To see a list of contacts for instruments, please see the FRIB Areas and Instruments in Operation page.