FRIB Users Organization

The nearly 1,400 FRIB users are represented by the independent FRIB Users Organization (FRIBUO). FRIBUO represents individual scientists and collaborations that have a major interest, investment, or stake in FRIB science. The chartered organization, which meets annually in-person, is represented by the FRIBUO executive committee. The executive committee conducts regular conference telephone calls and interacts regularly with the FRIB Project Director and FRIB Chief Scientist.

The FRIB Project Director’s office works closely with FRIBUO and its executive committee to provide updated information regarding the project and to collect input and subject matter expertise on user issues for FRIB and overall program priorities. FRIBUO provides a key link between the future users of FRIB and the project to ensure that user needs are considered in the project planning.

Anyone with a research or educational interest in FRIB is welcome to join.