FRIB Visiting Scholar Program for Experimental Science

In 2016, FRIB and NSCL initiated the FRIB Visiting Scholar Program for Experimental Science. The goal of the program is to encourage and help junior researchers to establish a research program at FRIB/NSCL.

The award supports short-term stays at FRIB/NSCL for junior/non-tenured faculty or staff members. It consists of a stipend of $5,000 intended for travel and local expenses.

The winners of the annual scholarship are listed below.


Michelle Kuchera (Davidson College)

Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines)


Matt Amthor (Bucknell University)

Ben Crider (Mississippi State University)


Andrew Klose (Augustana University)

Adam Fritsch (Gonzaga University)


Andrew Rogers (University of Massachusetts Lowell)