Artemis Spyrou

FRIB Faculty Excellence Advocate

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Location: The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, 640 South Shaw Lane
Phone: (517) 708-7141

As FRIB faculty excellence advocate (FEA), Artemis Spyrou oversees the recruiting, mentoring, advancement and retention activities for faculty members at FRIB. The FEA works together with faculty search committees, faculty mentors, HR and the FRIB director to implement best practices that support the faculty members and the laboratory as a whole.

Advising and advocating

The FEA serves as a confidante for faculty members from their initial appointment through their career milestones and their development as leaders. The FEA oversees the established mentoring practices and helps guide the mentoring process by providing resources to mentors and mentees. In addition, the FEA can serve as an independent third party to provide additional mentoring and advise.

Policies and procedures

The FEA works with the FRIB laboratory director and FRIB HR to update policies and procedures concerning hiring; annual review; and reappointment, tenure, and promotion of faculty members at FRIB. This includes the coordination with FEAs from other MSU units, and the MSU Director of Faculty and Academic Staff Affairs, to discuss problems with existing policies and make recommendations for improvement.


All conversations with the FEA are confidential and, in general, the FEA will not take any action without explicit permission from the faculty member. Exceptions exist in cases involving violation of MSU’s Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct policy as the FEA is a mandatory reporter.

More resources

FRIB faculty have many different types of appointment and are connected to different departments and colleges. A general source of information is the MSU HR page for faculty and academic staff. For specific cases, the FEA works with faculty members to address their needs for their particular appointment and department.