Student engagement

Many graduate students who perform research at FRIB are engaged with activities outside of the laboratory. You are able to enrich your own education and careers, and often enrich the life and learning of many others.

Graduate students play a very important role in outreach events, such as providing tours of the laboratory and giving demonstrations to explain science at exhibitions and schools. You work in close collaboration with FRIB outreach coordinator and also take initiative in developing new programs. Graduate students also participate in explaining the importance of science for the future well-being of the nation and beyond to the general public and policymakers. There are many opportunities to make an impact, and doing so is welcomed at FRIB. 

In addition, there are several graduate student organizations in which FRIB graduate students are active and often play leading roles: 

Graduate students can also take advantage of the MSU Service-Learning Center, which acts as a clearing-house for volunteers who strive to combine research, teaching, and service.