FRIB offers fast, stopped, and reaccelerated rare-isotope beams from the FRIB linear accelerator (linac). Rare-isotope beams are produced from a primary beam that impinges on a target. In addition, FRIB offers stable and long-lived radioactive beams that may be run at ReA3, ReA6, or the stopped beam area in stand-alone mode (that is, not coupled to the FRIB linac).

Primary beams will be added as needed to meet user demands. Planned additions based on user rare isotope beam needs are listed as being developed next.

Please contact the Manager for User Relations for new beam requests.

FRIB primary beams

Available (updated 6 December 2023)


Energy (MeV/u) 

Beam current
on FRIB target

18O 150 3704
22Ne 170 2674
28Si 290 1232
28Si 155 2304
36Ar 300 926
36Ar 200 1389
40Ar 262 954
40Ar 200 1250
48Ca 242 860
48Ca 200 1040
70Zn 240 595
70Zn 200 718
64Zn 254 616
64Zn 200 782
78Kr 254 504
78Kr 200 640
86Kr 230 506
86Kr 200 582
82Se 215 567
82Se 227 537
124Xe 228 354
124Xe 200 404
198Pt 192 55
208Pb 190 94
209Bi 190 93

*pps = pnA x 6.25 x 109
pps = particles per second
pnA = particle nanoampere

Being developed next (updated 6 December 2023)


Energy (MeV/u) 

16O 290
18O 258
22Ne 264
58Ni 270
64Ni 245
70Ge 249
144Sm 215
92Mo 252
238U 177


Rare isotope beam rates

Rare isotope beam rates used in proposals must be calculated by an FRIB beam physicist. Please contact the FRIB Manager for User Relations with the isotope for which you would like the rate and purity calculated. The Manager for User Relations will make the request to the FRIB beam physics group. An approximate estimate can be obtained from the calculator.

For further information on how rates are calculated, please review this tutorial: LISE++ tutorial: Making 64Cr (PDF)

Beam list for stand-alone operation at ReA3, ReA6, or Stopped Beam Area

The PDF list below includes stable and long-lived radioactive beams that may be run at ReA3, ReA6, or the stopped beam area in stand-alone mode (that is, not coupled to the FRIB linac).

Please note that beams of long-lived and rare stable isotopes are subject to availability of material at the time of the experiment.

ReA3, ReA6, stopped beam area list of beams (PDF)