NSCL and FRIB tours

Here is additional information regarding the FRIB and NSCL tours at the open house.

  • Stairs: The FRIB tour includes about 60 stairs to access the accelerator tunnel (60 down, 60 back up). For those unable to venture into the tunnel, video monitors showing the tunnel tour path are available on the ground floor of the FRIB tour, and will also play in the FRIB Theater. The NSCL tour route has no stairs, and the presentations and demonstrations are all on the ground floor as well.
  • Walking distances: There is a fair amount of walking involved if a person takes both tours, and to traverse the entire open house as our laboratory spans a large site. Walking distances for tour routes are detailed on the event map, and additional walking distances are available here.
    • From Wharton Center parking ramp to start of FRIB tour: 1,300 feet
    • From Wharton Center parking ramp to start of NSCL tour/demonstrations/presentations: 820 feet
    • From Shaw Lane parking ramp to start of NSCL tour/demonstrations/presentations: 380 feet
    • From Shaw Lane parking ramp to start of FRIB tour: 2,370 feet
    • FRIB tour route (tunnel back up to ground floor): about 730 feet
    • NSCL tour route: about 800 feet
    • Walking distance from end of FRIB tour to start of NSCL tour/demonstrations/presentations: 600 feet
  • Considering all the potential walking and the fact that the FRIB tour is on a construction site, we encourage people to wear sturdy, comfortable shoes and clothing. Also, please use your discretion regarding bringing small children on the tour.
  • Estimated duration for FRIB tour: 15 minutes
  • Estimated duration for NSCL tour: 30 minutes

Michigan State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services, and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested in advance by contacting Alexa Allen at 517-908-7801 or events@frib.msu.edu between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Friday, 17 August, and the day of the event. Requests received will be honored whenever possible.

Safety information for the open house can be found here.

Additional important open house reminders and guidelines:

  • Photography and video will only be allowed at a designated place on the NSCL tour and in other open house areas. Designated spaces will be clearly marked. No photos and video will be allowed on the FRIB tour. Please follow all signs and posted placards.
  • FRIB is not responsible for lost or stolen items.