Saxophone in Progress

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Performers: Natalia Warthen and Jacob Nance, saxophones

Point Breaks - Eileen Snyder (b. 1998)

A Whale’s Cry - Minoo Dixon (b.1999)

Postmodern Estampie - Tess Gregorek (b. 2003)

KRONO - Katahj Copley (b. 1998)


Pop - Elena Specht (b. 1993)

Wolves, Please Don’t Cry - Kakia Gkoudina (b. 1990)

Mid Michigan Miniatures - Henry Dorn (b. 1988)
I. Grand River
II. I-94
III. 127 & I-75
IV. 96 or 69

Wanderlust - Julianna Voelker (b. 1998)       


The Sax in Progress (SiP) Duo consists of Natalia Warthen and Jacob Nance and is based in East Lansing. Both Jacob and Natalia are passionate about expanding and diversifying the repertoire for saxophone duo through commissioning and performing at the highest possible level. SiP is currently working towards producing a studio album of eight works they commissioned from underrepresented composers with the help of funding from grants by the City of East Lansing, Michigan State University, and the MSU Running Start Program. SiP is always looking for ways to show how classical saxophone can go beyond just music in a recital hall, and we hope you can feel this in our music.