The Advanced Studies Gateway is an initiative at FRIB that brings together researchers, innovators, creative thinkers, artists, and performers from all fields and strengthens ties between Michigan State University and the community.

Activities include research workshops as well as public talks, concerts, and special events that are free and open to the public.

The Advanced Studies Gateway initiative also features FRIB Saturday Morning Physics.

Upcoming events

8 March (5:30 p.m.) - Young Hyun Cho: Three Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Op. 14 and 22

15 March (6 p.m.) - International Chamber Soloists concert

22 March (5:30 p.m.) - Electronic Music Workshop ensemble concert

29 March (5:30 p.m.) - Harp performances

7 April (1 p.m.) - Daniel Goldman, Georgia Institute of Technology

12 April (5:30 p.m.) - Soprano and Piano concert

Past events

11 February (1 p.m.) - Michael Manfra, Purdue University

21 January (1 p.m.) - Emery Brown, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital

2023 events

2022 events

2021 events

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