The Advanced Studies Gateway is an initiative at FRIB that brings together researchers, innovators, creative thinkers, artists, and performers from all fields and strengthens ties between Michigan State University and the community.

Activities include research workshops as well as public talks, concerts, and special events that are free and open to the public.

The Advanced Studies Gateway initiative also features FRIB Saturday Morning Physics.

Upcoming events

13 November (1 p.m.) - Ken Dill - A Biophysical Perspective on the Origin of Life (More information coming soon)

Past events

2 October (1 p.m.) - Steven M. Girvin - Progress and Prospects for the Second Quantum Revolution and the Race to Build “Impossible” Computers

1 May (1 p.m.) - Mark J. Schnitzer - Optical Imaging of Neuronal Dynamics in Healthy and Diseased Brains

3 April (1 p.m.) - Lisa Randall - Knocking on Heaven's Door

27 February (1 p.m.) - Katherine Freese - The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter

2021 events

2020 events

2019 events

2018 events