Supplier diversity program

FRIB supports the Michigan State University (MSU) commitment to become a national leader in increasing diversity, promoting inclusion, ensuring equity, and eliminating disparities on MSU's campus and beyond.

Through intentional engagement with small and diverse businesses, FRIB seeks to form equitable partnerships and opportunities whenever possible with business enterprises reflective of the diversity in the community and region.

Small and diverse business suppliers fall into the following categories:

FRIB supplier diversity program objectives

FRIB believes it is important to increase diversity, ensure equity, promote inclusion, and enhance outreach and engagement. FRIB has expanded efforts to:

  • strengthen economic development and viability of small, regional businesses and ensure FRIB receives quality goods and services at competitive prices;
  • promote a diversity-focused supply chain, making contract bidding opportunities available to traditionally underrepresented or underserved businesses that share our commitment to excellence, integrity, competitiveness and service;
  • pursue sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with high performing suppliers and create unique opportunities to leverage diversity for strategic advantage;
  • ensure the absence of barriers that reduce the participation of qualified diverse vendors by providing resources, guidance, and support;
  • establish and maintain a diverse supplier repository to aid procurement personnel in intentional engagement and active solicitation for bidding opportunities;
  • train procurement staff, monitor program status, measure progress, and identify areas for advancement.

Small and diverse business resources