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We just measured the world's heaviest atom, and it's even weirder than expected

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Oganesson (Og) is the heaviest chemical element in the periodic table, but its properties have proved difficult to measure since it was first synthesised in 2002. Now an advanced computer simulation has filled in some of the gaps, and it turns out the element is even weirder than many expected.

Oganesson, noble but not a gas

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Scientists (including Peter Schwerdtfeger of the New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study and Witold Nazarewicz of Michigan State University) have been involved in calculating the structure of oganesson, a relatively new element which has proved elusive to study.

MSU establishes cryogenic initiative at FRIB

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FRIB’s state-of-the-art cryogenic infrastructure is accessible to MSU’s engineering and physics programs, providing a wide range of opportunities for students interested in many aspects of cryogenic engineering.