TSAC holds FRIB review on 21-23 April

The Technical Systems Advisory Committee (TSAC) held a review of FRIB via remote participation 21-23 April. The main focus of the review was to assess overall FRIB Project development since the last review in October 2019.

The committee evaluated FRIB’s progress by examining six charge questions.

TSAC answered all six questions affirmatively.

The review committee stated that the FRIB Project continues to make impressive progress, which reflects on the dedication, drive, and organization of the team. They said that reaching the linear accelerator Key Performance Parameter with little commissioning effort is a great achievement and a testament to the sound design of the facility and the superb skill of the staff. They also commended FRIB staff for engaging the FRIB user community to maximize the science output of FRIB as early as possible, building off the successes and experience of the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.