Organizational chart (text version)

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) is a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (DOE-SC) user facility. The establishment of FRIB was funded by the DOE-SC, MSU and the State of Michigan, and user facility operation is supported by the DOE-SC Office of Nuclear Physics. The FRIB Laboratory organization chart shows the relationship between MSU and the DOE-SC. 

Michigan State University

  • President – Kevin Guskiewicz
    • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (Interim Provost) – Thomas Jeitschko

U.S. Department of Energy

  • Office of Science
    • Acting Director (SC-1) – Harriet Kung
    • Office of Nuclear Physics
      • Acting Associate Director – Linda Horton
        • FRIB Operations Program Manager – David Cinabro
        • HRS Program Manager – Ivan Graff

The FRIB Laboratory reports through the MSU executive vice president for academic affairs and the executive vice president for administrative affairs to the MSU President, and also interfaces with the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science Office of Nuclear Physics.

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB)

  • Laboratory Director – Thomas Glasmacher
    • Deputy Laboratory Director – Jeff Sims
    • Chief Planning Officer – Rae Benington
    • Executive Laboratory Director – Richard Jacobson
    • Scientific Director – Alexandra Gade
    • Chief Engineer – Jeff Sims (acting)
    • Chief Scientist – Witold Nazarewicz
    • Senior Environment, Safety & Health Manager 
      and Radiation Safety Officer – Petra Grivins
    • Financial Operations Manager – Lynda Schneider
    • Chief Procurement Officer – Thomas Nowak
    • Senior Communications Manager – Karen King
    • Chief Administrative Officer – BJ Abrams
    • Administrative Support – Katie Pease

The FRIB Laboratory is comprised of three divisions:

  1. Science Division
    • Division Director – Alexandra Gade
      • Administrative Support – Donna Besinger
  2. Accelerator Systems Division 
    • Division Director – Jie Wei
      • Associate Director for Accelerator Physics & Upgrades – Peter Ostroumov
      • Associate Director for Cryogenics & Cryomodules – Fabio Casagrande
      • Commissioning Manager – Masanori Ikegami
      • Administrative Support – Bethany Hannon
  3. Experimental Systems Division 
    • Division Director – Georg Bollen
      • Administrative Support – Bethany Hannon

Supporting the divisions is the Business Support Organization:

  • Financial Operations – Lynda Schneider
  • Procurement & Property Management – Thomas Nowak 
  • Business IT – Clinton Jones
  • Fiscal Officer – Sue Hopper
  • Administrative Support – Robert Patterer
  • Human Resources – Teresa Vicary
  • Communications – Karen King
  • Export Control Compliance – Christine Bargerstock
  • Physical Security – James Vander Pols
  • Homeland Security Officer – Amy Ray

FRIB Advisory Committees

The FRIB Laboratory is advised by four external advisory committees. Their members are experts in areas important to the success of FRIB: 

  1. FRIB Program Advisory Committee (PAC): PAC is a group of international experts who review proposals for non-proprietary beam time requests submitted to FRIB. PAC makes recommendations to the FRIB Laboratory Director about beam-time allocation.
    • Chair – Ani Aprahamian
  2. Technical Systems Advisory Committee (TSAC): TSAC is charged by the FRIB Laboratory Director and provides external advice on technical matters related to accelerator systems and experimental systems to the FRIB Laboratory management team.  
    • Chair – Robert Laxdal
  3. Operations Advisory Committee (OAC): OAC is charged by the FRIB Laboratory Director to review and advise FRIB senior management on accelerator operations, safety, (including compliance with DOE order 420.2C, Safety of Accelerator Facilities) and laboratory program efficacy per the MSU Assurance Program Description (FRIB-S10000-PG-000032) document metrics
    • Chair – Frank Kornegay
  4. Targetry Advisory Committee Committee (TAC): TAC is charged by the FRIB Laboratory Director and provides external advice on technical matters related to the high-power targetry systems including beam-material interaction, radiation transport and mitigation, system design, fabrication, operation, maintenance, and final disposition. 
    • Chair – Patrick Hurh
  5. Stopped Beam Advisory Committee (SBAC): SBAC is charged by the FRIB Laboratory Director and advises the FRIB Experimental Systems Division (ESD) and the ESD Stopped and Reaccelerated Beam team on converting fast rare-isotope beams into low-energy beams via beam stopping, delivering low-energy beams for experiments, and preparing beams for reacceleration.
    • Chair – Sebastian Rothe

FRIB Users Organization

The FRIB Users Organization is a group whose members are interested in FRIB for the purpose of conducting scientific research and developing new technology. The organization works towards the realization and timely construction of FRIB and the development of its instrumentation and physics program, and advocates for the needs of the FRIB user community, among other goals.

  • Chair – Andrew Ratkiewicz