Nusair M. Hasan

Senior Cryogenics Engineer


  • Cryogenics, multi-phase flow and heat transfer, thermal process optimization
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Education and training

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2010
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, 2014


Cryogenic engineering involves the mechanical and thermal-hydraulic design of complex process systems used to attain extremely low temperatures (-250oF or below). These systems are highly specialized, comprised of multiple sub-systems and very energy intensive by nature. The demands on the process equipment with respect to efficiency and reliability over the required operating temperature range are quite different compared to conventional process industry. Design of equipment for cryogenic applications are inherently thermally and mechanically coupled and necessitate consideration of non-ideal fluid behavior. These factors provide many opportunities for applied research and development.


I was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and completed my bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. My graduate research work was focused on thermoacoustic transport phenomena in supercritical fluids, and I obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering in 2014 from Drexel University. I started my professional career as a cryogenic process engineer supporting design and operation of large-scale helium cryogenic refrigeration systems within the U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories. In my present role, I am responsible for the process and mechanical design of large-scale 2 Kelvin and 4 Kelvin helium refrigeration systems, cryostats, and cryogenic fluid transfer systems. I also carry out research and development activities in the advancement of cryogenic processes and technology, specifically in regard to cryogenic helium refrigeration and critical supporting sub-systems. My major research interests are in process optimization of thermal (cryogenic) systems, cryogenic heat exchangers, multi-phase flow and heat transfer, and gas purification.

How students can contribute as part of my research team

We offer opportunities both in theoretical and applied research on thermal-hydraulic process equipment and systems for cryogenic applications. Our focus is well rounded, beginning with concept modeling and fundamental studies, followed by engineering design, analysis, fabrication, installation, and testing. Although all of these are difficult to squeeze into a single dissertation or thesis, there is the opportunity for exposure to many of these aspects. Our goal is the development of new and improved cryogenic processes and equipment, which offer better efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.

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