Faculty profiles

The FRIB Laboratory offers unparalleled education and research opportunities to graduate students, who routinely meet and work side-by-side with leading researchers in nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear chemistry, accelerator physics, and engineering.

There is no better way to begin a career in science than learning and working at a world-leading user facility that attracts scientists from all over the world in the pursuit of their research. You will watch, participate in, and lead discoveries of things no one knew before. In the process you will develop skills and connections that will enable you to excel in a wide variety of exciting careers.

Train with world-leading faculty

FRIB is the world’s leading rare isotope facility, opening new nuclear science frontiers. Earn your graduate degree through MSU’s Physics and Astronomy department, Chemistry department, or College of Engineering by working with the world’s top faculty and staff at FRIB. FRIB faculty have joint appointments with FRIB and the corresponding MSU department. Under the guidance of world-renowned faculty, graduate students in experimental nuclear science are involved with all aspects of performing novel experiments: writing a proposal, designing, testing detectors and electronics, analyzing data and interpreting results.

Current FRIB faculty

FRIB’s faculty profiles offer a snapshot of the dedicated team of professionals who are available to work with you during your time at the laboratory.

Accelerator engineering

Venkatarao Ganni

Pete Knudsen

Steven Lidia

Peter Ostroumov

Jie Wei

Yoshishige Yamazaki

Accelerator physics

Yue Hao

Steven Lund

Peter Ostroumov

Kenji Saito

Jie Wei

Ting Xu

Yoshishige Yamazaki

Experimental atomic physics

Jaideep Taggart Singh

Experimental nuclear astrophysics

Fernando Montes

Hendrik Schatz

Artemis Spyrou

Christopher Wrede

Experimental nuclear physics

Daniel Bazin

Georg Bollen

Kaitlin Cook

Alexandra Gade

Paul Gueye

Hironori Iwasaki

Bill Lynch

Kei Minamisono

Wolfgang Mittig

Oscar Naviliat

Ryan Ringle

Bradley Sherrill

Jaideep Taggart Singh

Andreas Stolz

Betty Tsang

Remco Zegers

Nuclear chemistry

Kyle Brown

Sean Liddick


Katharina Domnanich

Gregory Severin

Theoretical nuclear astrophysics

Edward Brown

Sean Couch

Theoretical nuclear physics

Scott Bogner

Alex Brown

Pawel Danielewicz

Heiko Hergert

Morten Hjorth-Jensen

Dean Lee

Witek Nazarewicz

Filomena Nunes

Brian O'Shea

Scott Pratt

Vladimir Zelevinsky