Civil construction achieved beneficial occupancy on 24 March

31 March 2017

Civil construction on the FRIB Project achieved beneficial occupancy on 24 March.

Beneficial occupancy is the stage of construction in which the facility can be used for its intended purpose before final completion. Although beneficial occupancy has been reached, various trade contractors are still on site finishing punch-list items, and commissioning will continue through the summer.

FRIB’s Conventional Facilities and Infrastructure Division completed areas of the building ahead of schedule and collaborated with technical groups, which facilitated the early installation of scientific equipment. The installation of cryomodules continues within the linac tunnel, and the cryogenic transfer line assembly is ongoing.

 Any construction work that will be completed past the beneficial occupancy date will not affect installation of technical equipment. Such work includes

  • storm sewer work,
  • site grading and restoration,
  • installation of site fencing and stainless steel benches,
  • and generator testing.

 Additionally, plans to reconfigure Wilson Road are underway, and road work will take place in 2018. Current plans include:

  • Restriping and turning over one west-bound lane and two east-bound lanes,
  • Moving the site fence south,
  • Opening the bike path.

All four lanes of Wilson Road will be re-opened in July 2018.