DOE-SC Office of Project Assessment review held 6-8 November

09 November 2018

The Department of Energy Office of Science’s (DOE-SC) Office of Project Assessment’s (OPA) review of FRIB was held 6-8 November. The main focus of the review was to assess the overall progress of the FRIB Project since the last review in May 2018.

The review committee was organized into four subcommittees, and FRIB staff gave 48 presentations.

The OPA assessed all aspects of the FRIB Project — technical, cost, schedule, management, environmental safety and health, and quality assurance. The committee found that FRIB is making appropriate progress toward completion and is well-managed, and answered all charge questions affirmatively.

In closing the review, the committee commended the FRIB Project team on their progress. Jehanne Gillo, director of the DOE-SC Office of Nuclear Physics’ Facilities and Project Management Division, said the FRIB Project team is the “gold standard in terms of how to execute a project. It’s always a pleasure to come here to see the progress that’s been realized and to see you remain on cost and schedule.”

The committee also advised the project team to keep up the good work as the project enters the homestretch and transitions from construction to operations to user relations.

DOE has tentatively scheduled the next FRIB Project progress review for 14-16 May 2019.