NSCL’s Artemis Spyrou receives 2018 Graduate Academic Advisor Award from MSU College of Natural Science

12 December 2018

Associate Professor of Physics and NSCL Associate Director for Education and Outreach Artemis Spyrou received the 2018 Graduate Academic Advisor Award from the MSU College of Natural Science. The award recognizes advisors who demonstrate excellence in providing valuable educational and career advice to students.

“It is a great honor to receive this award,” said Spyrou. “I’m passionate about mentoring young researchers in the best possible way to see them grow into mature and independent scientists. I get a strong sense of pride when I see them be successful in whatever they choose to do, knowing that I might have contributed a little bit to their growth.”

As an advisor, she guides undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students through the learning process of independent research in the field of nuclear astrophysics. In addition to advising on research, Spyrou discusses a variety of topics with her students, including their career paths, work-life balance, and professional development.

During her time as an advisor, Spyrou has learned to mold to the individual needs of her students. “An important aspect that I discovered along the way is that every person has their own learning and working styles,” she said. “They may or may not match mine. It has therefore been a continuous focus for me to find what works best for each of my students and postdocs and adjust my advising style according to their needs.”

“This award demonstrates the impact Artemis has on the educational experience and career decisions of the students she advices at the laboratory,” said FRIB Laboratory Director Thomas Glasmacher. “Congratulations to Artemis for this great honor.”