FRIB places final beta=0.29 cryomodule

28 February 2019

In February, FRIB placed the twelfth and final β=0.29 cryomodule in the linear accelerator tunnel.

This marks the completion of an important part of the FRIB Project. The first β=0.29 was placed in the tunnel back in September 2017. Placement of the β=0.29 cryomodules in the beamline, along with final alignment, is now underway.

A team at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility designed the β=0.29 cryomodule based on the MSU β=0.53 cryomodule design. Having a second design team at JLab allowed FRIB to advance its schedule.

FRIB’s linear accelerator is made of cryomodules, which contain superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavities. The SRF cavities accelerate the beam while operating at temperatures about two degrees above absolute zero. FRIB’s linear accelerator will use twelve β=0.29 cryomodules.