FRIB promotes health and well-being with new entrance canopy, bicycle station, and courtyard

25 September 2023

FRIB recently completed two projects that have enhanced the laboratory to better serve visitors, scientific users, and employees. The FRIB Entrance Canopy and Bicycle Parking and FRIB Hardscape and Landscape Tower Courtyard projects provide resources for personal health and well-being.

  • The FRIB Entrance Canopy and Bicycle Parking Project added an entrance canopy and a bicycle parking area at the east entrance of FRIB’s easternmost office tower (office tower 3), providing a better transition from the building to the adjacent sidewalk and road. It also includes additional bicycle stands and a bicycle repair station.
  • The FRIB Hardscape and Landscape Tower Courtyard Project rejuvenated the laboratory’s central courtyard landscape and added brick paver walkways, providing an exterior space for gathering, connecting, and networking accessible from inside the building.

Thomas Baumann, beam staff physicist at FRIB and member of the MSU Bikes advisory board, said FRIB’s new bike area will serve as a resource for the eastern side of MSU’s campus.

The projects also tie into the Michigan State University Strategic Plan’s sustainable health goal:

Enhance quality of life for people everywhere by comprehensively leveraging expertise and research activity to improve health and the systems that affect health. Our approach to advancing health and excellence in health education has consistently focused on people, communities, partnerships and innovative thinking.