FRIB hosts representatives from the Rare Isotope Science Project in South Korea

02 March 2023

On 2 March, FRIB hosted representatives of the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) in South Korea. The visit was part of an information exchange about the progress of RISP and FRIB. During the visit, the groups discussed transitioning from a project to laboratory operation and building relationships with scientific users.

The RISP representatives met with FRIB personnel to discuss heavy-ion accelerator developments, take a tour of the facility, and discuss the technological advancements taking place at FRIB.

RISP was established to build the Rare isotope Accelerator complex for ON-line experiments (RAON) in South Korea. RAON will enable the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) to conduct rare isotope science in South Korea.

During their visit to FRIB, the RISP representatives met with FRIB Laboratory Director Thomas Glasmacher, FRIB Accelerator Systems Division Director Jie Wei, Accelerator Operations Department Manager Guillaume Machicoane, Superconducting Radio Frequency and Superconducting Magnet Department Manager Ting Xu, Associate Director for Accelerator Physics Peter Ostroumov, Electrical Engineering Department Manager Dan Morris, and additional FRIB faculty and staff.