Courses, training, and research

Since the MSU Cryogenic Initiative is a collaborative effort between FRIB and the MSU College of Engineering, a combination of rigorous course work, fundamental and applied research, and training is available to students.  

Cryogenic engineering courses offered:

  • Cryogenic Thermal Systems: ME413 (spring semesters; core class in the B.S. Cryogenic Engineering concentration)

  • Mechanical Design of Cryogenic Systems: ME414 (fall semesters; core class in the B.S. Cryogenic Engineering concentration)

  • Cryogenic Process Engineering: ME940 (every other fall semester)

Planned (future) cryogenic engineering courses:

  • Equipment mechanical design of cryogenic systems

  • Cryogenic heat exchanger design

  • Project planning, system installation, and integration for cryogenic systems

  • Cryogenic system operation, instrumentation, and controls

In addition, several existing engineering graduate level courses will provide additional focus to aspects important in cryogenics.

  • Cryogenic research: Cryogenic systems are very energy intensive. Both process and component improvements require research and development. A small sample of topics of interest are listed below:

    • Process design, characterization, simulation, and control

    • Small 2-K (sub-atmospheric) helium systems

    • Special application heat exchangers: e.g., 4.5 K to 2 K, freeze-out purification, etc.

    • Turbomachinery improvements

    • Compression system useful exergy improvements

  • Cryogenic training: Presently there is a substantial shortage of trained professionals in the cryogenic engineering and science areas with hands-on experience. This includes engineers, technicians, and operators. After taking courses, students can be trained on the actual FRIB cryogenic systems, which involve many varied and complex sub-systems:

    • Large oil-flooded rotary screw compressors and oil removal

    • Gas storage and purification

    • 4.5-K cold box system

    • Sub-atmospheric cold box housing cryogenic centrifugal compressors

    • Cryogenic distribution system

    • Vacuum systems

    • Distributed control and automated system

    • Conventional utilities supporting cryogenic system: cooling water, power, instrument air, etc.