MSU Cryogenic Initiative

Michigan State University, as it establishes the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), is creating a world-class research, teaching, and training center that combines cryogenics, accelerator, and superconducting radio frequency sciences and technology. The MSU Cryogenic Initiative will ensure the continuity of the nation’s knowledge base and practical know-how in these areas by properly educating and training engineering graduates.

This initiative involves both FRIB and the MSU College of Engineering. In addition to classroom teaching, the students in the initiative will be trained on the cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the cryogenic field that will exist at FRIB. At FRIB, cryogenics relates to processes and equipment that provide refrigeration (cooling) at a temperature below -150 degrees Celsius for a superconducting particle accelerator. This initiative can also engage industry, government laboratories, and other universities in collaborative research in the development and advancement of cryogenic technologies.

The MSU Cryogenic Initiative will:

  • Educate and train future cryogenic engineers and system innovators;

  • Develop and maintain a cryogenic system knowledge base of cryogenic technology and skills;

  • Investigate, propose, and foster efficient cryogenic process designs, and research of advanced cryogenic technologies;

  • Maintain a knowledge base to operate unsupported equipment.