FRIB Single Event Effects Facility

The FRIB Single Event Effects (FSEE) Facility strives to provide users with on-time delivery of ion beams, accurate characterization of beam parameters and linear energy transfers (LETs), easy to use controls, and prompt reporting of dosimetry results. Utilizing the FRIB's state-of-the-art linear accelerator, the FSEE Facility lets users fulfill an extensive range of experimental needs.

Below is the current beam list and ion cocktails offered by the FSEE Facility. Additional ion species and cocktails are also in development at this time.

FSEE Available Beam List (UPDATED December 2022)

FSEE available beam list

*LET of 0.7 MeV/(mg/cm2) is available by request.

Ion range & linear energy transfer (UPDATED December 2022)

Range in Si vs LET for Various Energies and Ions, 70mm of AirRange in LET vs. Si for FSEE beams

FSEE Available Ion Cocktails (UPDATED December 2022)

  • 16O – 40Ar – 129Xe                 
  • 16O – 40Ar – 209Bi                  
  • 16O – 86Kr
  • 16O – 40Ar – 86Kr

The FSEE Facilty has a dedicated beamline built on the FRIB linac infrastructure. A user experimental station is established at the end of the FSEE beamline. A thin vacuum window defines the exposure area of the beam (1-inch diameter). A 4-degree-of-freedom stage allows for samples to be mounted and accurately positioned. A user control room is located nearby which houses robust industrial software controls, control for device presentation to the beam, and real-time monitoring of dose statistics. 
FSEE beamline