FRIB beam rates

The following link provides estimated rare isotope beam rates at FRIB for the Program Advisory Committee 1 (PAC1).

Please note:

  • The LISE++ code (v.9.2.68) has been used to estimate fragment transmission.
  • LISE++ tutorial: Making 64Cr. This PDF shows an example of developing — in simulation — a rare-isotope beam at FRIB. It shows some options to optimize the beam for either higher rate or higher purity.
  • The rates are estimated based on the EPAX 2.15[1] cross section parameterization for fragmentation and the LISE++ 3EER model[2,3] for in-flight fission.
  • Reaccelerated and stopped beam rates above 1E+8 are very uncertain. The use of solid catchers may yield higher rates in some cases. This option is not included.
  • PAC one assumes 10kW (5kW for 238U) and a limited set of primary beams.
  • Estimated rates may change as the various assumptions are tested and refined.
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