Accommodations for FRIB users

Area hotels

FRIB has arranged with several hotels to provide rooms at reduced rates for FRIB scientific users and visitors, including visitors who pay their own expenses. To see a list of hotels and rates, see the Visiting FRIB page. Please contact the Manager for User Relations for assistance if you have any difficulty reserving accommodations.

On-campus accommodations 

Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center (219 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, 800-875-5090 or 517-432-4000, distance to the laboratory – 1.3 miles) offers users and visitors the special rate of $54.00 per night for a standard room (double, queen, king). Kellogg is located on campus and is within walking distance of the laboratory. Reservations can be made on the hotel website using the promo code FRIB. Overnight parking is available in the attached ramp for the rate of $15.00 per night.

Visiting-scholar rooms in Owen Hall (735 E Shaw Lane, Michigan State University, 517-355-5068, distance to the laboratory – 0.2 miles; approximately a 2-minute walk) are dormitory-style rooms. The charge for dorm rooms at Owen Hall is $50 per night. Each room has a shared bathroom with one other room. If you are traveling with another colleague, make a note of that on your reservation form, and there is a chance you can be assigned to the same suite (so you would only share the bathroom with your colleague).

Please contact the Manager for User Relations if you need assistance with your travel or lodging arrangements.