FRIB faculty

More than 20 faculty members from participating MSU academic programs and over 30 additional PhD accelerator scientists and engineers will mentor the Accelerator Science and Engineering Traineeship (ASET) program participants. All faculty members have extensive research, mentoring, and teaching experience.

FRIB also has a large staff of non-PhD engineers, operators, and technicians who will further enhance the traineeship. This diversity of academic faculty and the extensive scientific and technical staff results in many opportunities for graduate student training in ASET at MSU.

Best nuclear physics programs

The ASET program is part of MSU’s nuclear physics graduate program, which is nationally top-ranked according to the U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, each year MSU awards 10 percent of nuclear physics doctorate degrees.

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Support for several kinds of graduate fellowships in ASET is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science (DOE-SC) Office of High Energy Physics, DOE-SC Office of Nuclear Physics, and the National Science Foundation.

Prof. M. BerzPhysics & AstronomyNonlinear Dynamics/Simulations
Prof. P. DuxburyPhysics & AstronomyElectron beam physics and applications
Prof. Y. HaoPhysics & AstronomyAccelerator Design/Simulations
Dr. M. Ikegami (Adjunct)Physics & AstronomyAccelerator Control Systems
Dr. S. Lidia (Adjunct)Physics & AstronomyBeam Diagnostics/Accelerator Systems
Prof. S. Lund Physics & AstronomyAccelerator Theory and Modeling
Dr. G. Machicoane (Adjunct)Physics & AstronomyIon Sources
Prof. K. MakinoPhysics & AstronomyNonlinear Dynamics/Simulations
Prof. P. OstroumovPhysics & AstronomyAccelerator Systems/SRF Technology
Prof. C.-Y. RuanPhysics & AstronomyElectron beam physics and applications
Prof. K. Saito Physics & AstronomySRF Technology
Prof. J. WeiPhysics & AstronomyAccelerator Systems
Prof. T. XuPhysics & AstronomySRF, superconducting magnet technology
Prof. R. Ganni Mechanical EngineeringCryogenic Systems
Prof. N. MuellerMechanical EngineeringTurbo-machinery/Cryogenic Systems
Prof. S. BalasubramaniamElectrical & Computer EngineeringComputational Electromagnetics
Prof. T. GrotjohnElectrical & Computer EngineeringPlasma Physics
Dr. A. Nassiri (Adjunct)Electrical & Computer EngineeringRF Power Engineering
Prof. P. ZhangElectrical & Computer EngineeringPhotoinjectors, Plasmas/Accelerators
Dr. S. Tantawi (Adjunct)Electrical & Computer EngineeringRF Power Engineering
Prof. J. VerboncoeurElectrical & Computer EngineeringPlasma and Accelerator Technology Modeling
Prof. P. ManticaNuclear ChemistryProject Management
Prof. D. MorrisseyNuclear ChemistryRadiation Safety
Academic StaffSpecialty
Dr. H. AoAccelerator Systems and Operation
Dr. F. CasagrandeCryogenic Systems
Dr. A. GanshynCryogenic Systems
Dr. K. FukushimaAccelerator Controls/Application Programming
Dr. W. HartungSRF Technology
Dr. T. KanemuraStripper Technology
Dr. S.H. KimSRF Technology
Dr. P. KnudsenCryogenic Systems
Dr. T. MarutaAccelerator Operations/Diagnostics/Application Programming
Dr. A. LapierreIon Sources, Charge Breeders
Dr. M. PatilMechanical Engineering of Accelerators
Dr. C. MortonAccelerator Operations
Dr. M. OmelayenkoCryogenics systems for Ion Sources
Dr. A. PlastunRF Structures/Accelerator Design
Dr. X. RaoMechanical Engineering of Accelerators
Dr. M. PortilloOptics of Secondary Beams, Diagnostics
Dr. D. SandersonAccelerator Alignment and Operations
Dr. R. ShaneBeam Diagnostics
Dr. S. SchwartzCharge Breeders, Beam Coolers
Dr. A. VillariManipulation, Transport and Acceleration of Rare Isotope Beams
Dr. Y. YamazakiAccelerator Systems
Dr. T. YoshimotoAccelerator Operations/Modeling
Dr. T. ZhangAccelerator System Design/Application Programming
Dr. S. ZhaoHigh Power RF and RF Control Engineering
Dr. Q. ZhaoAccelerator System Design/Operations/Application Programming