Bill Lynch

Professor of Physics


Education and training

  • BS, Physics, University of Colorado, 1973
  • PhD, Nuclear Physics, University of Washington, 1980


We have a broad experimental program in nuclear physics.
The main thrust of our program is to determine how the
equation of state of nuclear matter changes when we
increase the fraction of nucleons that are neutrons in the
matter. We can examine this at FRIB and we can apply
this knowledge to neutron stars.


I was born and raised in Illinois. I started college as a
music major and ended as a physicist. Along the way I
became very interested in how to measure things and
also interested in learning what things were important
to measure.

How students can contribute as part of my research team

Students are at the core of our research efforts. Our goal is
for them to become self directed and lead in their research
efforts, while learning to work effectively in a team.

Scientific publications