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Neutron dripline extended to fluorine and neon isotopes

, Physics World

The maximum number of neutrons that can be packed into fluorine and neon isotopes have been determined by nuclear physicists working on an experiment in Japan. These are the first new measurements of the neutron dripline in 20 years and could provide physicists with important information about how to model the atomic nucleus.

Video: What lies at the end of the periodic table?

, Chemical & Engineering News

FRIB Chief Scientist Witek Nazarewicz is featured in a “Speaking of Chemistry” video that explores how scientists are working with elements at the end of the periodic table to perform superheavy chemistry.

Observing exotic radioactive decay process

, ScienceDaily

Researchers have observed a rare nuclear decay. Namely, the team measured low-kinetic-energy protons emitted after the beta decay of a neutron-rich nucleus beryllium-11.